Joseph Melohn

Joseph Melohn, a well-respected investor in the venture capital industry is co- founder and President of Expansion Venture Capital. Mr. Melohn has successfully helped fund and manage multiple companies. His extensive knowledge in many industries enabled him to assist in taking an energy company from the idea stage to IPO in 2012. In addition, Mr. Melohn has invested in biotech, health and wellness companies as well as having worked with many funds in the ABL lending sector. His expertise has now extended to tech start-ups.

His unique approach and business acumen enables him to take a promising idea or existing business to the next level.

Entrepreneurs want a venture partner who understands and believes in the power of high dreams, bold visions and fresh ideas.

Ryan Melohn

Ryan Melohn is co-founder and chief operating officer for Expansion VC. In addition Mr. Melohn is vice-president and property manager for the Expansion Group Inc. , a real estate corporation with holdings in both residential and commercial sectors.

As chief facilitator for Expansion VC, Mr. Melohn has been responsible for successfully pairing potential entrepreneurs/companies with ideal investments. Ryan’s networking throughout the venture capital and corporate worlds, have proven extremely valuable to EVC. His portfolio includes but is not limited to Postmates, RelayRides, AngelList, Life360, Firebase, TheRealReal,, Compstak, Engrade and eShares among many others.

Ryan’s philanthropic interests are varied and eclectic. He is particularly dedicated to Kids of Courage, an organization focused on improving the daily lives of children and adults battling catastrophic illnesses.